Helping You Feel Better

We all experience difficult and painful periods in our lives. Tending to life’s trials sooner than later can resolve problems and conflicts before they become major issues down the road. Kaminsky Psychological offers balanced and insightful counseling without casting judgment or guilt. We genuinely care about you and we’ll work with you to build a path towards a healthier and happier life. Get started by Contacting Us today.

We are experts in dealing
with situations when:

  • You're not feeling like yourself.
  • Your drug or alcohol use gets overwhelming.
  • You're feeling anxious or panicky.
  • You're feeling down or just lacking energy.
  • Your marriage begins showing signs of neglect.
  • You're struggling to connect with your teenager.
  • Your child is not doing well in school.

If you’re coping with any of these issues or something similar, we can help you navigate through them. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Serving Santa Barbara
County and Beyond

For over twenty years Ian Kaminsky, Ph.D. has been working in with individual and group counseling, drug and alcohol counseling, education, prevention, teen and adolescent programs, and educational services. His experience and unique approach to clinical psychology allows him to help people in our community overcome the normal stress of life and enjoy fuller, happier, and more productive lives.
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