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Santa Barbara Child Counseling

Being a kid isn't always easy. Some children are experiencing school stress, test anxiety, bullying, and peer pressure. Others may need help discussing their feelings about family issues, especially if there has been a major transition, such as a divorce, a move, or serious illness.

Counseling can help children and families cope with stress, emotional, and behavioral issues. When children come to counseling, they can develop crucial problem-solving skills and learn the value of seeking help. When children feel understood, they gain self-esteem and skills that will benefit their emotional lives. They can then refocus their attention on their education, activities they enjoy, family and friends.

A Unique Therapeutic Approach

Because of their unique developmental and social needs, children need specialized treatment options. Kaminsky Psychological Services works with children in a new and refreshing way. Ian Kaminsky, Ph.D. offers customized programs for each child based on their individual needs, and at their own pace.

Signs that a child might benefit from counseling:

  • Behavorial problems (excessive anger, non-compliance, lying, stealing)
  • Learning or attention problems (trouble concentrating and/or focusing)
  • Poor performance in school (significant drop in grades, tardiness, truancy)
  • Being a victim of bullying or bullying other children
  • Social withdrawal or isolation, loss of motivation, trouble communicating
  • Episodes of sadness, tearfulness, or depression
  • Decreased interest in previously enjoyed activities
  • Sudden changes in day to day behaviors (sleep, appetite)
  • Mood changes (happy one minute, sad the next)
  • Development of or an increase in physical complaints, such as headaches and or stomachaches
  • Problems during a life transition (divorce, move, illness)
  • Difficulty making good decisions

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