Santa Barbara and Goleta Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling Services

We can help if you are feeling “not like yourself.” There are times in your life when you may be feeling more stressed, irritated, angry, or isolated than usual or you are in emotional pain that is more difficult than day-to-day ups and downs.

During these periods it is common to feel confused or unsure about your thoughts and feelings. Coming to therapy can help to alleviate those feelings and make you feel better.

A Unique Therapeutic Approach

Our process is different and customized for everyone. We establish a meaningful connection with you and lighten the load of what you’ve been experiencing. Then, we’ll work to identify what is restricting your potential. Working through those underlying issues will help you feel better and see an improvement in your life.

The bottom line is you want to feel better quickly, and we can help you get there!


Some of the most common issues addressed in individual therapy are:

    Life Stress & Challenges
  • Stress reduction techniques and practice
  • Anxiety including: fearfulness, panic attacks, phobias
  • Feeling sad and lonely
  • Compulsive behaviors
  • Alcohol management and other drug use
  • Sexuality
  • Medical issues
  • The grieving process
    Personal development
  • Difficult life decisions
  • Identity issues
  • Meaning and purpose
    Marriage/Family Issues
  • Difficult situations with teens
  • Relationship hurdles
  • Feeling distant from your family or spouse
  • Improved communication skills
  • Family dynamics
  • Listening and relating to loved ones

When you reach a point in your life when you want professional help, you want to talk to someone you trust and feel comfortable with. A good friend can listen, but a psychotherapist has the skills and professional training to help you learn to manage your feelings and thoughts when you're overwhelmed.

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