Santa Barbara and Goleta Teen and Adolescent Counseling

Teen & Adolescent Counseling

Children, teenagers, and young adults experience psychological problems and emotional problems like the rest of us. However, young people are less likely to seek help because they may not be sure about what they are feeling or they may think they need to hide their emotional problems. In addition, some young people feel that if they seek help from a counselor, they might be judged, blamed, or get into trouble.

A Unique Therapeutic Approach

Ian Kaminsky, Ph.D. works with young people in a new and refreshing way. We offer programs for young people to work through, based on what they need, and at their own pace. Because of their unique developmental and social needs, young people need specialized treatment options.

Risky drug and alcohol use, acting out with anger or sex, poor academics, and changing behavior are all core issues that young people deal with everyday. These programs are topic and gender specific and each program can be changed or adjusted to the specific needs of each family.

Some of the most popular teen issues Include:

  • Dealing with family conflict
  • High-risk and dangerous situations
  • Drug abuse, drinking & other risky behavior
  • Learning to focus and develop attention (without medication)
  • Preventing relationship problems
  • Behavior assessments and alterations
  • How to handle peer pressure
  • Developing self-esteem
  • Dealing with difficult relationships and peer conflict
  • Structured education, homework, and project guides
  • Clear and responsible communication
  • Skill development series: Setting boundaries, time management, goal setting, making good decisions
  • Discovering an optimistic attitude
  • Developing strengths

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