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Alcohol and Drug Addiction & Treatment

Alcohol and drug abuse is responsible for the pain of depression, fighting and conflict in families, and individuals simply not functioning well and enjoying life. Today, many new drugs including marijuana are becoming semi-legal in our community. Young people report it is easier to obtain drugs and marijuana than alcohol. Another shift in drug culture is the increased availability and abuse of prescription medicine for all ages.

While there have been changes in drug and alcohol availability; there have been very few advances in alcohol and drug treatment. Twelve step programs and expensive residential treatment environments are great for some…but not for everyone.

Addiction Treatment Specialist

Ian Kaminsky, Ph.D. specializes in cutting edge treatment for addiction. In the 1990’s he oversaw curriculum development for one the country’s first drug courts. The Substance Abuse Treatment Court in Santa Barbara County won national acclaim for its early advances in treatment for mandated abusers.

He has also made significant advances in the field of alcohol and drug prevention and treatment for adolescents and college students. His innovative treatment programs were scientifically proven to reduce alcohol and drug use while increasing functioning for young people. In 2010, his programs for prevention, treatment, and education were awarded the prestigious: Model Program Award by US Department of Education. The programs continue to help a wide range of young people – from experimental drug users, to those who need addiction treatment and recovery services.

A Unique Approach to Treatment

Think alcohol and drug treatment is all the same? Do you feel like you have tried everything already?

Ian Kaminsky’s specialized programs work because they are designed and tailored for the issues and culture of young people today. In his private practice, he utilizes the approach of these programs on an individual basis. The private environment offered by an individual session allows for in-depth exploration of the causes of drug/alcohol use and abuse, and clients of all ages feel safe to grow beyond their addictions.

Visit Ian Kaminsky, Ph.D. for the latest in evidenced based treatment. Find out what is proven to work and see if it might be right for you or a loved one. Make an appointment today.

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